Thanks Stewie.

You got that right !!! Let`s keep on fighting the battles and land on the right side of the trades. For the record – this subscription is my best investment so far !

Cheers mate.



Having a Great time with your service and making good money. I like your specific entry and exit points. Since I work full time I can't always execute your trades in a timely manner so sometimes will have to pass and sometimes will have to exit prior to your signal.

I've tried to learn TA for years but it takes talent and skill that I do not have. Thanks for sharing your expertise with others.



There's value in your service not only because you send profitable trade alerts but also you provide answers to our questions (in a very prompt manner) and share your methodology as well as your thinking.

I really enjoy reading your pre-market, intraday comments as much as (may be more) getting profitable trades opportunities.

Thank you.



I'm happy to report that thanks in great part to following your calls and general advice I'm now way in the black. Remember that I told you I was about $5k down on a $10k account? I'm now up to near $12k. Since my low of 5k on April 20, my account has grown by over 130%.



Great stuff!

I really appreciate your willingness to share all your "real" trading outcomes and insights. I think it takes a lot of courage to expose yourself like that. However, by doing so, you are teaching some incredibly valuable lessons based on real trading rather than hypotheticals.

Thank you!



I took MOST of your setups. I missed a few due to work or missing an alert email. For the first few days after signing up to your service I followed your alerts and ran paper exercises to see how I would fare. After becoming comfortable I used a cash balance of 30k to make 10% purchases of 3k each. On avg, today I'm up nearly 3k. 8.9% to be exact in about 2 weeks..which is a phenomonel return. What I like is your patience and the fact you change stances rapidly as the market turns. Your picks & stops have been very good on avg, and I've wanted to use more of your setups but have yet to take the plunge because as you can tell I'm not a seasoned trader but am looking to learn as much as I can so I can create extra income to my add to my current cash flow.

With that being said I'm looking for more setups than 2-3 a day and am thinking of raising more capital to make trades when available. That's why I am trying to learn about your setups. :) I could also possibly raising my initial 3k purchase price higher....but I don't want to get greedy and am working to be patient. Overall I'm VERY pleased with the past few weeks and am looking forward to learning and growing my portfolio with your great service.



First I should say THANK YOU for the most excellent service. Your chat room and general market commentary are priceless for less experienced investors like myself who are just as interested in LEARNING the game as much as they are simply following trade signals. Your site is second to none for that and you are welcome to use any of this as a testimonial.

Please find attached my trades from today - I keep record of every trade I make along with little notes so that I can review later and find out what I did right/wrong. I have also adapted your PENALTY BOX rule which I think is simply brilliant! That kind of discipline is very, very admired.

Thank you again Stew!

Kind regards,