ART OF TRADING Alerts System

We rarely do more than 2-3 alerts per day and rarely have more than 3-4 open alerts at once in the AoT Portfolio.

According to my recommended allocations you will rarely ever be fully invested in the market at any given point in time BUT that obviously just depends on YOUR account size and YOUR risk tolerance. You will be the ultimate judge of your trade size allocations.

The $ amount you allocate to each trade is your decision obviously but I highly recommend all traders to use 'responsible size' so as to NOT make you overly emotional while managing the open positions. Margin trading is highly inadvisable, especially for inexperienced traders. Margin trading could lead to 'emotional' decision making and likely to wreck havoc on your account and mental state if losses start to accumulate.

I typically suggest a 10-15% allocation of the overall portfolio into each trade alert BUT you can allocate more or less than the recommended allocations, that's totally up to YOU as you are the sole and best judge of your own risk tolerance.

The average STOP LOSS can vary but typically between 1-5% from the price entry.

We do both day and swing trading and we tend to cut losing or non performing trades fairly quickly. Typical trades last any where from "day trades" to swings trades that last 1-10 days. My guestimate is about 90% of our trades are SWING TRADES.

Important Note : These "AoT Trade Alerts" are NOT all the trades that we do in the AoT service. This is only a fraction of the trades and/or setups that are emailed, tweeted or called out in Chat Room. This is an Idea Generation and Educational service first and foremost.

The following spreadsheet is a hypothetical account that tracks all ART OF TRADING 'official trades' performance. It does not take into account commissions as every trader's commission structure is different and can vary dramatically from one trader to the other. Since I started the ART OF TRADING service in April 2009, we average about 5-10 round trip trades per week. So you can calculate what YOUR commissions would look like knowing that on average we do 5-10 trades per week.
** keep in mind that slippage will also play a factor in some of the trades. Every trader should expect to get some fills to be worse and some fills will be better then the 'suggested' Entry/Exits. Trades that move "too fast" should not be chased, i always remind people to use "limit orders" instead of "market orders" especially in stocks that are not "very liquid" or have wider "bid/ask' spreads.

Art Of Trading Alerts Performance:

(This is the CURRENT way i run the alerts NOW, in which both SWING trades and DAY trades are of equal size and considered full size positions unless otherwise specified).

Please Note: The trades shown in the spreadsheet are only a SMALL PORTION of the trades done at the ART OF TRADING service. It doesn't include the returns of : AoT setups, Chat Room/AoT twitter Calls, AoT "Trade Ideas" or AoT "TOP PICKS". So the service provide a LOT MORE than the trades shown below.

*** past performance is not indicative of future results***

*** past performance is not indicative of future results***

In this spreadsheet(shown below) is the older method used here in which SWING TRADES were "1/2 size trades" and DAY TRADES were "full size trades".